Lemon Bundt Cake + Three Things

Happy Cake Week!

Ok, fine – you caught me. I lied. It’s only cake week here, in this sweet little digital corner of the web. National Cake Week is actually Oct. 6 – 12.

But, in honor of summer break and sunshine, we’re celebrating this week with cake!

Every year around this time, I listen to students talking about their finals with envy. I am totally that girl who loved all aspects of school and constantly talks about it still. I joyfully holed up in the library to study hours away. I don’t think I ever missed a class (dork, I know). Of course, I loved summer break too. Is cake a good enough replacement for my lack of summer break these days?

I sure hope so. Because I have cake…but I also have work. I need that summer spirit!

I made this Lemon Bundt Cake for Mother’s Day last weekend, and it turned out to be so delicious and seasonal that I had to share! Serve it with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries and enjoy it out on a patio somewhere.

image (6)

Plus, three other cake recipes I’m dying to try:




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