Watermelon Rice Krispie Cake

I can’t think of anything that screams SUMMER more than a watermelon cake.

Unless it’s a watermelon ICE CREAM cake,  I guess.

So never mind on the above exaggeration. I can think of one thing. That’s it!

Anyway, when my mom sent me the picture of the cake (below) she made for my little sisters birthday party last week, I knew I had to share it! This watermelon rice krispie cake is the cutest idea for a kid’s birthday or even just a summer BBQ. It’s super simple to put together – and you don’t even have to turn on the oven!

She went all out with the watermelon theme and decorated the party with pink and green balloons and candies, and then sent everyone home with cute labeled mason jars full of goodies.

These watermelon slice cookies would have been a great addition as well! Take a look at my Sweet Tooth board on Pinterest for more sweet summer inspiration.

photo (14)

Watermelon Rice Krispie Cake


  • 1 cup unsalted butter
  • 2 10 oz bag marshmallows
  • 8 cups Rice Krispies
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • Salt to taste
  • Food coloring: pink and green
  • Chocolate chips


Microwave the butter and marshmallows in a big bowl for one minute, stopping to stir. Continue with thirty second intervals until it is all melted and mixed together. Add in the vanilla and salt. Then, BEFORE adding the rice krispie cereal, divide the mixture in half, into separate bowls. Put 6 or 7 drops of green food coloring in one mixture, and 6 to 7 drops of pink food coloring into the other. Ensure that you have the right color before moving on to the next step. Add four cups of rice krispies into each bowl and mix.

Once both are the right color and consistency, press the green krispie treats into the outside area of a round spring form pan with greased hands. Leave the middle open for the pink krispie treats. Press the pink mixture into the middle, and smooth it all down with a greased spatula or parchment paper. Cool it in the fridge for a few hours so that it comes out of the pan more easily and holds its shape better. Press chocolate chips into the top to look like watermelon seeds! Cut into wedges to serve.


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