Weekly Menu August 18

I know, I know! It’s a little late for a dinner recipe tonight, right? I definitely dropped the ball on this one (a sports reference? who am I?). Consider these five recipes a mix-and-match type of game for the week… and then one can roll over for another day!

This past weekend ended up being much more crazy than anticipated, and we got home late from a wedding Sunday night. It was a beautiful celebration up north, but sadly we couldn’t stay too long because of the drive back. I was scrambling all day today to get organized at work despite my lack of sleep.

photo (19)

Anyway, I’ve had this end of summer herby chicken chili pot in my head for a week now. I mean, can you blame me?

I’m not quite as excited about the “end of summer” part of the recipe name, however. I want to hang on to this perfect (read: hot) weather as long as possible! I do love fall, just not what comes after it in Colorado. Right now the only bright side to those impending freezing temperatures will be lots of new soup recipes.

End of Summer Herby Chicken Chili Pot

Weekly Menu August 18

Monday: Chipotle Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Tuesday: Avocado Pasta

Wednesday: Crockpot Smoky Brisket Tacos

Thursday: End of Summer Herby Chicken Chili Pot

Friday: Cheddar Jalapeno Chicken Burgers with Guacamole


Weekly Menu July 28

It’s a Pioneer Woman kind of week.

I have spent far too much time on her blog lately. Her recipes are delicious and classic – and many are ideal for quick weeknight meals! Plus, her funny comments always make me smile. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so now.

But, I can’t forget about the amazing photo below! Bev Cooks is another favorite of mine… for both her recipes and her darling baby pictures. This coconut basil chicken really makes me wish I could keep a basil plant alive (ugh). For now, I’ll have to schlep down to the store to buy it.

P.S. How is it almost AUGUST already?


Weekly Menu July 28

Monday: Baked Pesto Chicken Parmesan with Pasta and Roasted Veggies

Tuesday: Coconut Basil Chicken with Rice

Wednesday: Chipotle Steak Salad

Thursday: Grilled Chicken with Corn + Cheddar Quinoa

Friday: Shrimp Scampi